Dental Confidence Or Caution? Your Alaska Dentist

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Whether you are one of those who go willingly to the dentist, or are hesitant about getting dental work done, Alaska Premier Dental Group will welcome you to our friendly office.

We want to make a difference in the lives of our neighbors. Dentists are one of the most common health care providers that Americans see. Not only do we take care of your dental health, we are also oriented toward the prevention of disease. About two-thirds of all dental procedures are either diagnostic or preventative.

As a family dentistry practice, we take care of people of all ages. We also offer a range of services. We’ll have you open wide for cosmetic dentistry if you’d like to beautify your smile. Want whiter teeth? Ask us about your in-office and take-home options.

Maybe you’re thinking about having straightening your teeth. Invisalign clear braces offer a subtle, inconspicuous way of perfecting your bite and smile at the same time. Visit our smile gallery!

Do you have dental anxiety? Sedation dentistry may be for you. We believe that comfort is the key to happy patients.

Interested in an outstanding experience with your Alaska dentist? Call the Alaska Premier Dental Group today to schedule a consultation or appointment.

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Checklist For Your Anchorage Dentist Consultation

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Looking for a dentist because you’re losing the battle with plaque build-up, chipped teeth, tooth pain, stains, or cavities? The Alaska Premier Dental Group in Anchorage is here to help.

This post offers three steps to take before you arrive at our office for a consultation.

The health of your mouth is vital to your strength, both emotionally and physically. Everyone wants to make an attractive impression when they smile or speak. We understand that.

The look of your teeth, their odor, their feel, and the functionality of your biting surfaces are important to your everyday experience. They are so important, in fact, that we recognize our essential role in finding answers to any issues you may have with yours.

After you schedule a consultation with us, please take a moment to review the following checklist for a productive appointment experience:

1. Identify your hygiene routine and gaps in technique or consistency.
When do you brush your teeth? Do you floss? We can review your habits and establish ways to improve, if any.
2. Describe pain or problem areas throughout your mouth.
Persistent or intermittent? Sharp or dull? Triggered by hot or cold? Living with pain is unnecessary with the technology and expertise available. Usually there are solutions to seemingly big pains.
3. Explain what you want your smile to look like.
If you can describe your ideal smile, we can examine how to achieve it. There are many possibilities for an exceptional smile makeover. Cosmetic dentistry runs the gamut – from veneers to dental implants to TMJ treatment.

When it comes to looking for an Anchorage dentist or in the surrounding communities, you’ll be in experienced hands with Alaska Premier Dental Group.

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Tooth Knocked Out? You Can Save That Beautiful Alaska Smile!

emergency dental Anchorage

It sounds like a catastrophe, but having a tooth knocked out doesn’t always mean you’ll lose that beautiful smile. Your Alaska Premier Dental Group is here to help.

More than five million times a year, someone gets a tooth knocked out. This is known as an avulsed tooth. If you can keep a cool head and remember a few simple instructions, chances are good the tooth can be saved.

The vital thing is to find the tooth, handle it carefully, and keep it in the best condition possible. Pick it up by the chewing surface (the crown); never handle it by the root.

It’s okay to gently rinse the tooth in water, but don’t scrub it or remove any tissue fragments. If you can, place it gently back in the socket. Holding it between the lip and gum, or under the tongue, is also good. The important thing is to keep it moist.

Next, get to the dentist ASAP – ideally within thirty minutes. The sooner you receive professional attention, the better the chance the tooth can be saved.

Only permanent teeth should be re-implanted. With baby teeth, the best option would be to simply wait for the permanent teeth to grow in. With adults, if the tooth cannot be saved, options include dental implants.

If you are looking for unmatched dental care, consider Alaska Premier Dental Group in Anchorage. We’ll help you maintain your beautiful smile. Our services include cosmetic dentistry (including implants), restorative dentistry, and family dentistry.

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What Does Your Alaska Dentist Need To Know?

porcelain veneers price Wasilla

Hello! Welcome to the Alaska Premier Dental Group blog.

We offer comprehensive dental services, including family dentistry, cosmetic dental procedures, and dental implants.

For optimal dental health, you should visit your dentist for cleanings and exams twice each year. Your Alaska Premier Dental Group dentist can make sure that you’re brushing and flossing properly. It is also an opportunity to discuss any concerns related to your dental health.

Make sure to tell your dentist about any medications that you are taking. If you use tobacco products, you should tell your dentist. He or she might be able to offer you a program that can help you stop.

In addition, let your dentist know if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. If you have any type of eating disorder, you should also discuss this. Ditto if you have a special health issue, such as a heart condition. Oral health is an integral part of your overall physical health and cannot be isolated.

Your regular check-up is also the perfect time to ask about cosmetic dentistry procedures. Many dentists in Alaska combine multiple procedures to give you a total smile makeover. If you have ever wondered what a new smile could do for you, now is the time to find out!

Thank you for visiting our dental blog, and remember to check back for more useful information. Please reach out to Alaska Premier Dental Group for all your dental needs!

Taking Care of You Way Beyond Your Smile

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Your Famous Smile

Veneers in Anchorage How do high-profile men and women achieve brilliant white smiles that are always ready for the red carpet or a close-up? Do they avoid coffee? Not likely. Every tabloid is full of pictures of famous men and women holding Starbucks cups. Do they avoid tobacco? Some abstain, but unfortunately many actors and fashion models are smokers.

Many Famous Smiles Were Not Always Flawless

Not everyone with flawless teeth was born with them. (Sure, no one is born with teeth, but you know what I mean.) Many celebrities have drop-dead gorgeous smiles because they have undergone cosmetic dentistry.

No Need To Go To Hollywood

Guess what? You can also have a smile like a movie star or television news anchor. Our team of dentists has been offering cosmetic dentistry, including smile redesigns, for dental patients since 1997.

Lighten Up!

Tooth whitening is usually the most affordable cosmetic dental treatment. Tooth bleaching will quickly enhance your teeth and make you feel like smiling all the time.

Fix Those Chips

Porcelain veneers are exceptionally versatile because they fix many issues including misshapen, cracked, and discolored teeth. Teeth with weak enamel can often be repaired with veneers. Preparing a tooth for a porcelain veneer is minimally invasive, as the latest veneers do not require the removal of healthy enamel. Another plus: veneers are generally less expensive than complete crowns.

VIP Treatment

Schedule a smile redesign consultation today by calling 907-290-5452. At Alaska Premier Dental Group, you will always receive VIP treatment, without the bothersome paparazzi!

(Note: The celebrities pictured above are not affiliated with our site, and it is not our intent to imply that they have undergone cosmetic dentistry. We featured them because they have great smiles!)

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Dental Problem? There Is Always A Solution!

smile makeover cost Anchorage

There is no doubt that a healthy, pleasing smile positively influences one’s life. It lets us convey confidence and friendliness in business and social settings. A beautiful, healthy smile also influences our personal relationships. When we smile, we appear (and feel!) younger and more attractive.

Research has shown that smiling also helps reduce stress, increase productivity, and express empathy.

But if you are troubled by dental problems, then you may feel insecure about your smile. A cosmetic dentistry smile makeover is the solution to your troubles.

When you visit Alaska Premier Dental Group, you will find our team of dentists to be very empathetic about how you feel about your teeth. Together with your dentist, you will plan to help you gain the unforgettable smile that you have been missing in your life.

One question to look at before going in is: What changes do you want to see in your smile?

There is no need to feel helpless. There is always a solution. Straightening teeth, fixing chips, replacing missing teeth, re-shaping teeth, and tooth whitening are only some of the changes that our dentists can perform. If you have a problem, your dentist will help you find the solution.

If you are worrying about the cost of a smile makeover, remember there is a way to make it happen. When you and your dentist decide on your smile transformation plan, budgeting becomes part of it. Together, you will figure out how to complete your smile makeover in a timely, reasonably priced manner.

If you feel that a smile makeover can improve your life, book an appointment with a dentist in Anchorage at Alaska Premier Dental Group by calling 907-290-5452. We will give you the beautiful smile that you can be proud of.

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Smile Necessities And Possibilities

fast braces Anchorage

Hello! We are Alaska Premier Dental Group located at 6611 DeBarr Rd, Ste 100 and 200 in Anchorage. The truth is, practicing dentistry has been a rewarding decision for each of our dental professionals.

Between restorative and cosmetic dentistry, we are able to create remarkable smiles for patients that beautify as well as satisfy. We are encouraged with the changes for good we see in our patients’ lives.

Let’s Talk

We are able to meet and discuss what is necessary, what is desired and what is possible for your smile before we design an individualized plan of action. Call to find out about the cost of various dental services and to schedule a consultation at 907-290-5452. We aim for competitive costs when it comes to smile redesigns through cosmetic dental procedures and restorative dentistry. Big or small, the procedures are important to our patients and their self confidence and are therefore of the utmost importance to us and our staff.

We’ve been around since 1997. Over the years we have completed many, many procedures involving cosmetic dentistry, general dentistry, and dental implants as well as educating and guiding patients to better hygiene and understanding of their oral needs and possibilities. That freely revealed smile of childhood can be restored to you.

Restorative dentistry ranges from simple fillings to chipped tooth restoration to dental implants. Cosmetic dentistry has many caveats that require consideration and experience. We look forward to meeting your needs on your terms. See you soon!

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You Can’t Afford Cheap Dental Work

Anchorage teeth whitening

Have you ever gotten a deal on a used car that turned out to be a lemon? After a couple years of never-ending repairs, you realized that it ended up costing as much as a new automobile would have. And after spending all that money, you still have a a clunker.

The same is true of deficient dental work. You have probably received sleek postcard ads that tout amazing delivers on cosmetic dentistry: porcelain veneers, dental crowns, white fillings, and dental implants. The prices may be tempting, but make sure you do plenty of research before committing. We aren’t trying to imply that all dental practices that tout low procedure prices in their ads provide inferior work – we are just cautioning patients not to opt for a cosmetic dentist based on price alone. Unlike an automobile, you can’t sell your smile and buy a new one.

We will use porcelain veneers as an example. What can go wrong if you receive substandard porcelain veneers?

  • The dentist may be inexperienced and make mistakes: improper placement, poor color matching, bite complications.
  • The materials may be deficient: unnatural color, prone to breaking, veneers pop off.
  • The lab techs that create the restorations may turn out low quality work: unnatural color, poor fit.

If you are considering a smile transformation, talk to our dental team at Alaska Premier Dental Group first. During your consultation, you will learn about your dentist’s years of experience, techniques, specialty training, number of procedures performed, the most appropriate materials for the restorations, and information about the dental lab we use. We can also provide references if requested. And, of course, we will consider how much each treatment will cost. We are sure that you will find that our prices our competitive for the excellent dentistry our team provides.

Don’t endanger your smile in an attempt to save some money. You really do get what you pay for.

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For A Healthier Smile, Stop Doing This

Anchorage friendly family dentist

Chewing sugared gum all day.
Cavities, a sore jaw, or broken bridgework may result. If you must chew, select gum with Xylitol.

Drinking soda and energy drinks.
These sugary, acidic beverages are uncommonly efficient at damaging enamel.

Chewing ice or hard candy.
Your enamel is quite durable. But so are ice and hard candy, and head-to-head, every so often they win, resulting in a broken tooth.

Skipping flossing.
Maybe you think brushing is adequate. Following brushing with a careful flossing job cleans away particles of food and plaque between teeth.

Using a firm bristled toothbrush.
A soft bristled brush is the best tool for the job. Save your firm brush for cleaning the grout around your bathtub.

Delaying dental checkups.
Don’t wait until something hurts. Call 907-290-5452 to book an intensive exam and the best deep dental cleaning you can get anywhere. Our excellent hygienists really are the best!

Dr. Brian Kruchoski has been providing first rate dental care in Anchorage area since 1997. For more information on how to keep your smile healthy, call 907-290-5452 to schedule an appointment.

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Relax. It’s Not The End Of The World.

root canal sedation Anchorage

Today’s Alaska Premier Dental Group post addresses one of the most feared dental procedures: the infamous root canal. If you are told that you need a root canal, don’t panic. Your dentist recommends this procedure when it is better for your tooth than the alternatives.

A successful root canal (or endodontic treatment in dental-speak) can save a tooth and prevent the need for an extraction followed by a dental bridge, dental implant, or gap in your smile.

If, after a thorough evaluation, dentist Kruchoski determines that a tooth is going to need a root canal, dentist Kruchoski will explain the procedure and costs that are involved. Root canals are carried out to save an infected tooth. If not treated, abscesses and complete tooth loss may occur.

During the procedure, your dentist will remove the nerve and pulp, and then clean and disinfect the interior of your tooth – the canal. The next step is filling and sealing the cleaned area with a special rubbery material, and then protecting the restored tooth with a crown or filling.

Root canals have the reputation of being painful, but this is not the case anymore. There are several effective pain management methods available today at Alaska Premier Dental Group. From local painkillers and numbing agents to oral sedation, we will make sure you are comfortable during the procedure. Once the infected tissue is removed, your dentist will focus on helping the oral site heal, which may require another visit.

If you have a tooth that is bothering you, call dentist Kruchoski now at 907-290-5452 for an appointment.

If you are unfamiliar with our services at Alaska Premier Dental Group, be sure to visit our website at to get more information.  we opened Alaska Premier Dental Group in 1997 here in the Anchorage.

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