Smile Transformations At Alaska Premier Dental Group

Today’s post is for people who aren’t happy with their smile.  Common issues include yellow teeth, misaligned teeth, too much or too little gum tissue, missing teeth, or damaged teeth. Few people have naturally perfect smiles, but those who practice

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Save Money With Dental Implants At Alaska Premier Dental Group

Q: When is the least expensive tooth replacement method really the most expensive? A: When it ends up costing far more in the long run. Many dentistry patients who lose a tooth do not understand the importance of replacing it

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Get The Royal Treatment At Alaska Premier Dental Group

In need of a crown? At Alaska Premier Dental Group, we can provide the exclusive experience you deserve with the dental care required. Get discolored teeth brightened and chipped teeth corrected. Receive one critical procedure or full smile redesigns. Your

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Versatile Veneers For A Vivid Smile

Have you ever wished you could quickly attach perfectly shaped, dazzling white front surfaces to your teeth? Guess what? You can! With porcelain veneers, you can eliminate smile imperfections in just one visit to your exceptional Anchorage cosmetic dental office.

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Remake Your Smile With Bonding And Shaping

Hello, friends of Alaska Premier Dental Group! When you think about getting into shape, your teeth are probably not the first body parts that come to mind. But your dentist may be able to improve your smile with bonding and

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7 Ways Bonding Can Beautify

Dental bonding is a popular cosmetic dentistry procedure in the Wasilla area, but many patients don’t know exactly what it is. Today in the Alaska Premier Dental Group dental blog, we explain 7 ways dental bonding is used in cosmetic

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A Teenage Smile Without The Metal

Many adults want to look younger by straightening their teeth, but having a mouthful of noticeable, teenager-style metal braces is not exactly what they had in mind. If you are not pleased with your misaligned teeth, you may be interested

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All Tooth Stains Are Not Created Equal

Will an of our locally advertised Anchorage teeth whitening options remove the stains from your teeth? The effectiveness of teeth bleaching in Anchorage depends partly on the types of stains. Extrinsic tooth stains are the easiest to remove. These surface

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Let Us Ease Your Dental Anxiety

Are you worried about seeing the dentist? Are you troubled about discussing your smile? Settling into the reality of what you are prepared to discuss with your dentist is the first step to relief. 1. Talk To Us: Whether you

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Anchorage’s Noteworthy Dental Experience

Here at Alaska Premier Dental Group we see patients for anything from fillings to cosmetic dentistry to cleaning requests. Having your teeth cleaned can be just as vital as addressing cavities and taking care of cosmetic dentistry needs. Our dentists

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