Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Anchorage, AK

Wasilla patient who had a wisdom teeth extraction in Anchorage, Alaska.

Today it is standard practice to extract the wisdom teeth of almost all patients. Wisdom teeth extraction is actually for your benefit. While it is not absolutely necessary to extract the wisdom teeth of each and every individual, it is often advantageous for your future safety and health.

Why Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

Wisdom teeth extraction with Anchorage dentist near Wasilla

Most people don’t have room in their mouths for their wisdom teeth. If your mouth doesn’t have room, your wisdom teeth could become impacted, meaning they cannot break through your jaw and gums into your mouth. This could result in pain and discomfort. Wisdom teeth can also damage the molars that they grow in next to if there is not sufficient room for them. In addition, wisdom teeth can result in jaw damage, sinus issues, cavities, and inflamed gums. They can also crowd your teeth which could throw off your alignment entirely. This is especially detrimental if you have already straightened your teeth with orthodontics. You do not want your wisdom teeth to ruin the dental work that you have already done.

It is easier to do the extraction of the wisdom teeth earlier in life, because as you age, your bones will grow harder and the extraction will become more difficult. After your dentist extracts your wisdom teeth, you can rest assured that you won’t have to deal with any of the issues listed above.

The Wisdom Teeth Extraction Procedure

  • Your dentist will provide you with anesthesia to make sure you are comfortable.
  • You can also talk to him about sedation dentistry methods for extra relaxation.
  • He will make incisions in the gum tissue and remove bones that are blocking the roots of the wisdom teeth.
  • He can then remove the wisdom teeth, dividing them into sections if necessary to facilitate the extraction.
  • Your dentist will finish by cleaning and stitching up the area.

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