Dental Confidence Or Caution? Your Alaska Dentist

Whether you are one of those who go willingly to the dentist, or are hesitant about getting dental work done, Alaska Premier Dental Group will welcome you to our friendly office. We want to make a difference in the lives

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Checklist For Your Anchorage Dentist Consultation

Looking for a dentist because you’re losing the battle with plaque build-up, chipped teeth, tooth pain, stains, or cavities? The Alaska Premier Dental Group in Anchorage is here to help. This post offers three steps to take before you arrive at

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Tooth Knocked Out? You Can Save That Beautiful Alaska Smile!

It sounds like a catastrophe, but having a tooth knocked out doesn’t always mean you’ll lose that beautiful smile. Your Alaska Premier Dental Group is here to help. More than five million times a year, someone gets a tooth knocked out.

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What Does Your Alaska Dentist Need To Know?

Hello! Welcome to the Alaska Premier Dental Group blog. We offer comprehensive dental services, including family dentistry, cosmetic dental procedures, and dental implants. For optimal dental health, you should visit your dentist for cleanings and exams twice each year. Your Alaska Premier Dental

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Super Smiles For Life

Your child should be naturally proud of his or her smile. It expresses joy, laughter, and fun! To make sure your child has a healthy and attractive smile, start early. Really early. We recommend that you bring your child in

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Dental Sealant Q & A

Q. What are dental sealants? A. Dental sealants are permanent plastic barriers applied to the biting surfaces of teeth. They prevent cavities by filling in the grooves and fissures where food particles are particularly difficult to remove. Most pediatric dentists

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Has Your Child Visited A Dentist?

Hello Alaska! Today’s Alaska Premier Dental Group blog is for new Anchorage, Anchorage, Wasilla, and Eagle River parents. We know that your child’s health and safety is your top priority. That’s why you baby-proof your home, serve healthy foods, and

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