Toddler Tooth Brushing Tips

Kicking, screaming, and crying are what most parents deal with when its time to brush the little ones teeth. Different youngsters respond to different tactics so there may need to be some experimentation. Your best bet is going to be making a nightly routine of it. Here are a few tips to do just that:

  • Play copy cat- Toddlers love copying everything their parents do so start by getting identical toothbrushes. Let your child watch you from start to finish then encourage them to do the same.
  • Fun flavors- Mint isn’t the only flavor of toothpaste these days. Giving your child the option to choose their very own flavor of tooth paste will make them feel like a grown up and give them responsibility.
  • Cartoon inspired- Kids go wild for anything that has their favorite cartoon character on it. If you bring home anything Dora inspired you’re a hero, toothbrushes included.
  • Make it a game- Kids are always up for a challenge so if you have a house full, make it a competition. Who ever can brush their teeth the best gets a reward.

However you decide to attack the dreaded tooth brush with your family, make sure you instill these healthy hygiene habits at a young age so they will last a life time.