Toothpaste Basics

Toothpaste can come in a variety of different forms and styles such as paste, gel, or even a powder. Despite the variety of forms, all toothpastes have some key ingredients for the optimal care of your teeth. Here are some of the most common ingredients.


  • Abrasive agents – A scratchy agent including calcium carbonate and silicates that are designed to help remove stains, bacteria, and food from the surface of your teeth.
  • Flavoring- Artificial flavors and sweeteners are added to the tooth paste to make them taste better, including the common minty fresh flavor.
  • Humectants- Tooth paste includes ingredients that naturally dry it out, so humectants are added to help retain the moisture.
  • Thickeners- To help maintain proper texture and density a thickening agent is added – including some products of seaweed.
  • Detergents- While brushing your teeth it creates bubbles and suds- this is the detergent added such as sodium lauryl sulfate.