To Bleach or Not To Bleach

Everyone wants white teeth, especially those who have a lot of appearances or just love a fantastically white smile. There are some things to consider when it comes to bleaching at home versus going to the dentist to have it done professionally.

First and foremost you should always ask the question about whitening while at your dentist’s office during a check-up. Having a good clean bill of oral health is the best way to start. You don’t want to aggravate an already existing condition, or any potential issues that are on watch.

Know that teeth darken naturally as we get older. Will the color of your teeth change a bunch or even be able to get to the shade that you want? Let your dentist help you get those answers as they have a better idea than just checking in the mirror and flashing a smile. Tooth whitening is successful for 90% of people, but the rest might have issues getting that sheen due to the habits you might have picked up: coffee, tobacco, wine, etc.

Also be aware of the risks that could be associated with the practice. Sensitivity is the most common result.  If you already have sensitive teeth, this will make the teeth even more sensitive. If you do decide to bleach your teeth and the sensitivity is worse than you could imagine – call your dentist as it could possibly be damage at the root of the tooth. You just never know!

Let us know what you are thinking in the way of whitening your teeth, we may be able to give you some better options, and ones that will work for your time and wallet