The Grill Debate

Grills have been around since they became popular in the 1980’s. Thankfully they died down but were regrettably revived in the last 5 years. You see them everywhere from athletes, to artists, and in all different shapes, designs, and sizes. Diamond to gold, platinum to colors, whatever your heart desires!

The problem with the grill fad is that people only think about how fun and flashy these can be, and not about the ugly underside of decay, disease, and jaw problems.

Teeth can be permanent (cringe) or clip-ons, so there is less damage that can happen, but at the same time these can easily be put in and not fit properly, causing stripping of the enamel, and chipping.

The improper fit can cause tooth decay, infection, and cause movement in teeth that could potential bring up the need of braces and retainers to realign teeth that may have already been fixed once before.

Think about the additional accidents that could be created by these fancy pieces. A simple bump of a glass bottle from any type of drink is usually softened by the lips. Now there is this hard item that clashes against the teeth and creates a huge risk of chipping and breakage.

So when it comes to the subjects of grills, lets leave it to the cooks of America and not the dentist offices in your neighborhood.