Bridget M.

“So I literally just got one of my wisdom teeth out today. I needed to get it out due to a lot of pain and found out I even had an infection. So I called them and they were so nice and got me in the same morning. I didn’t have dental insurance so they View Full →

Raven V.

“Everybody is so friendly here. I have extreme dental anxiety (I mean EXTREME) and they took every precaution to make sure I was comfortable and worked fairly quickly. I highly recommend Matthew he did fine work on my teeth cleaning and I felt very comfortable! 10/10 would recommend!”

Drew L.

“Today my daughter (almost 2yo) had her second appointment. They are always super friendly and make her feel comfortable. While there, they noticed that I had a cleaning scheduled a month from now and were able to squeeze me in then. They helped get my daughter all the fun activities she would need to stay View Full →

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