Summer Summertime Stains

Summer time is a time for relaxing, sipping on sweet drinks, and enjoying some awesome BBQ while camping. However, it can also be a time for sugar to wreak havoc on your teeth.

Why is it harmful?
The sweet citrus fruits in your drink are acidic and erode the enamel on your teeth, leading to decay and softening in the inner layer of your tooth.

What Can You Do?
Make sure to drink your citrus drinks with a straw positioned at the back of your mouth. Having water after your drink and chewing sugarless gum can reduce remaining acid as well. Additionally, drinking while eating a meal will help reduce the effects of enamel erosion.

Why is it harmful?
Nothing tastes better than a juicy rack of ribs smothered in BBQ sauce, but the sauce and other condiments used for BBQ are actually loaded with sugars that can cause bacteria to build up, leading to extensive tooth decay

What Can You Do?
The best thing to do is moderate your condiments and not go over board on the sauces. Additionally, brushing your teeth after a sugary meal and flossing can make a significant difference in your oral health.

Why is it harmful?
Often times when people are camping, they let hygiene slide a little and skip the nighttime tooth brushing. This is the most critical time to brush, especially after the s’mores and BBQ sugar you just consumed. Skipping brushing creates a breeding ground for bacteria in your mouth and your teeth are not able to get the rest and recovery they need to remineralize over night.

What Can You Do?
This one is simple, just brush those teeth of yours, followed by a flossing. Fluoride is a wise choice as well. This will all take you about three minutes, and you will be thankful when you wake up without fire breath in the morning.

So have fun with your summer festivities, food, and beverages while following our three oral health suggestions. If you have any questions, or think you are in need of a good cleaning after reading our blog, give us a call today at 337-1322.

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