Smokeless Is Not Harmless For Anchorage Tobacco Chewers

Smokeless Is Not Harmless For Anchorage Tobacco ChewersThe subject of this Alaska Premier Dental Group blog post is ‘The Dangers Of Smokeless Tobacco’.

Cigarette sales have decreased in the past decade, but that doesn’t mean tobacco use has dropped off at the same rate. Some tobacco consumers have merely switched to smokeless products. It might save their lungs, but these people are still at risk.

There is a common misconception (especially among teens) that co-called “smokeless” tobacco is harmless. This is absolutely not true. Regardless of the specific type – spit tobacco, snuff, chew, or pinch – this form of tobacco is as lethal as traditional cigarettes.

Oral cancer, mouth lesions, gum disease and tooth decay are the most common dental problems caused by smokeless tobacco. At Alaska Premier Dental Group, we encounter these consequences on a regular basis.

Keeping a pinch between your cheek and gum all day is worse than keeping an all-day sucker tucked in there. The tobacco contains almost as much sugar as the candy but delivers dangerous chemicals as an added bonus. The dangers are two-fold: the tobacco erodes the teeth and also causes the gums to pull away from teeth.

Precancerous Mouth Lesion Screening in Alaska: Mouth lesions are painful sores that could eventually become cancer. If smokeless tobacco use is stopped, the lesions often disappear within a year for Alaska dental patients.

Oral Cancer in Anchorage: Smokeless tobacco use in Wasilla increases the risk for several types of life-threatening cancers including those of the mouth, gums, lips, tongue, and throat.

Oral cancers can be as deadly as lung cancer, and usually require surgery. If the patient is fortunate and the cancer is successfully removed, the collateral damage to the face, neck, or jaw can be severe.

At Alaska Premier Dental Group, we perform oral cancer screenings and mouth lesions examinations. We urge tobacco users to kick the habit, whether they smoke or chew. Our services also include family dentistry. Schedule an appointment with us today.

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