Saving Money on Whitening In Anchorage

It’s interesting how average American adults in Anchorage spend their money.

A typical Anchorage adult spends about $17,000 a year on housing, $9,000 on transportation, $6,000 on food, $2,500 on entertainment, and $2,000 on apparel*. Think of how many times you’ve had food at home, but would rather stop for dinner because it’s easier or more convenient. Or, how many times you go for the upgrade, whether it’s on the car you bought or simply adding a drink to your meal. Or, when was the last time you paid to have your car washed instead of doing it yourself, or decided NOT to pack your lunch even though you knew it would save you money?

Each day, we spend extra money on unnecessary items or rituals when we could have saved for something better and more meaningful.

Here’s an idea…

Make a goal to stop spending frivolously, and start investing sensibly. Make a tiny adjustment in daily expenditures to do something for yourself that really makes a difference! Make your appointment at Alaska Premier Dental Group today, or call us at 907-337-0404.

*source: Consumer Expenditures, US Dept. of Labor, April 2009