Oral Health and Osteoporosis

Can you guess what osteoporosis and dental health have in common? Bones.

People with osteoporosis tend to show bone loss in the jaw, which can lead to tooth loss. Furthermore, the American Dental Association reports that people who have reduced bone density or osteoporosis are often prescribed medications called bisphosphonates, which can decrease bone loss and increase bone density, helping prevent broken bones.

Unfortunately, studies show that these drugs have been linked to a condition known as osteonecrosis of the jaw (ONJ), which is a rare but serious condition that can cause severe damage to the jawbone.

There are a few ways to help prevent osteoporosis and ONJ. Keep your bones healthy by eating foods high in calcium and vitamin D. Exercise regularly and be sure to include weight-bearing exercises. If you have any problems with loose teeth, get them checked out right away.