Keep Brushing Fun

We know that brushing is important – but telling a kid that it is important doesn’t always get the job done. They just don’t understand long-term at this point in the game of life.  Especially toddlers who are just beginning to brush.

Here are a couple of things that you can do to try to keep things interesting!

  • Trade places with them and instead of you always brushing their teeth – why not let them brush yours?
  • Make sure you tell them how shiny their teeth look once they are done! What kid isn’t attracted to something that shines?
  • Play some music! Put on their favorite song and make them brush for the duration f that song.  This will allow for anywhere between two and a half minutes to almost four minutes.
  • Let them pick out their toothbrush on their own. If they like it – it might keep them excited.

These are just a few suggestions and we do realize that every kid is different, so have fun with the options!