Implants Prevent Denture-Related Health Problems

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 25% of adults over 65 have no natural teeth. Many men and women with missing teeth or no teeth at all choose dentures. This is understandable. It’s difficult to eat and speak with no teeth in the mouth. And a toothless mouth is not an attractive look for anyone. We can help at Alaska Premier Dental Group in Anchorage and Wasilla.

13 Problems With Dentures

  1. Dentures usually fit properly at first, but the mouth changes as you age. Normal wear and tear take their toll. Eventually, the dentures will need to be relined or replaced. But even quality dentures which fit properly cause problems, both physical and mental.
  2. The human body is designed to have teeth that are fixed in the jaw. But dentures move around in the mouth.
  3. Ill-fitting dentures can aggravate gums and cause inflammation. Inflammation often leads to additional health conditions.
  4. Dentures can change a person’s bite which impacts the temporomandibular (jaw) joint. This, in turn, can bring about pain in the face, neck, and head.
  5. They trap particles of food. This can result in gum disease. Partial dentures can increase the risk of decay in remaining teeth.
  6. Dentures can make food taste different or mask the taste entirely. This can lead to insufficient nutrition.
  7. Some individuals with dentures start eating smaller meals which can lead to weight loss.
  8. Dentures can take the pleasure out of eating. This can influence emotional health. (Enjoying a meal is often the best part of the day, don’t you agree?)
  9. Inadequate calorie consumption lowers energy levels. This impacts the power to work, travel, and participate in hobbies and recreational activities.
  10. Dentures hamper chewing power. Many denture wearers stop eating nuts, high-fiber foods, and raw vegetables. All of these are part of a healthy diet.
  11. Reduced chewing capacity can cause the denture wearer to swallow bigger chunks of food. This contributes to digestive problems. It also increases the risk of choking.
  12. Dentures can interfere with speaking. When speaking ability is limited, some people avoid social situations and are at a greater risk for depression.
  13. Missing teeth eventually lead to bone loss. When the jaw no longer has tooth roots, it shrinks and recedes.

If you are retired, you should be able to enjoy your golden years to the fullest. If you are working, you should be able to enjoy your career to the fullest. We can explain these solutions in detail if you come in for a no-pressure consultation.

Dental Implants Prevent (All Of!) These Problems

Dental implants allows you to avoid each one of these health conditions. The wonders of modern dentistry!

Dental implants may be the best investment you make when it comes to health and happiness.

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