Get A White Tooth!

Going to the dentist is something we should do to keep our teeth clean and healthy. When it happens that you need to get a filling – we start to dread the thought of ruining that perfect smile with a silver filling that everyone can see. Wait – didn’t you know? You have options!

Composite fillings are available more now than ever! You have a choice to get filled with a natural looking filler, that is also being paid for by most, if not all, dental insurance plans! You do have options!

There are more reasons than just the smile to choose the composite filling over the Amalgam (the previous visible, usually silver filling). The composite resin allows for a smaller hole to be drilled into the tooth to be filled. Before the entire area around the filling would need to be drilled. The composite is bonded to the tooth and supports the structure itself. It allows for the tooth to be strong during the everyday actions of chewing.

Be aware that there are some things to consider when you choose composite fillings:

– They do need to possibly be replaced in 7-10 years
– They may not be suitable for large dental fillings
– The color is still vulnerable to staining – they may not always look the same

As always, check with your dentist about what is your best option – we are happy to help answer any questions that you may have!