Find Relief For Your Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth are not only painful, but they can also begin to interfere with your daily life. Cold or hot foods and drinks, sugary sweets, even a cold wind against your teeth can make your pearly whites start to throb.
In most cases, teeth become sensitive because their protective outer layers have worn away.

Here are a few ways to find relief and reduce your tooth sensitivity.

  • Use toothpaste designed to help with sensitive teeth.
  • Drinking hot or cold drinks through a straw; this keeps common causes of the pain off your teeth.
  • Use a soft-bristle toothbrush, and brush gently but thoroughly.
  • If you grind your teeth, you could be wearing away enamel and giving yourself a sensitivity problem. Try a mouth guard at night, and make an effort to relax your jaw.
  • If you love to drink soda and citrus juices, cutting back will be your best option. But drinking these drinks through a straw will lessen the contact of enamel-wearing acids with your teeth.

Only a dentist can properly diagnose problems with teeth. If you are concerned about your oral hygiene, contact Alaska Premier Dental today.