Dental Confidence Or Caution? Your Alaska Dentist

Whether you are one of those who go willingly to the dentist, or are hesitant about getting dental work done, Alaska Premier Dental Group will welcome you to our friendly office. We want to make a difference in the lives

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Checklist For Your Anchorage Dentist Consultation

Looking for a dentist because you’re losing the battle with plaque build-up, chipped teeth, tooth pain, stains, or cavities? The Alaska Premier Dental Group in Anchorage is here to help. This post offers three steps to take before you arrive at

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Tooth Knocked Out? You Can Save That Beautiful Alaska Smile!

It sounds like a catastrophe, but having a tooth knocked out doesn’t always mean you’ll lose that beautiful smile. Your Alaska Premier Dental Group is here to help. More than five million times a year, someone gets a tooth knocked out.

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What Does Your Alaska Dentist Need To Know?

Hello! Welcome to the Alaska Premier Dental Group blog. We offer comprehensive dental services, including family dentistry, cosmetic dental procedures, and dental implants. For optimal dental health, you should visit your dentist for cleanings and exams twice each year. Your Alaska Premier Dental

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Your Famous Smile

How do high-profile men and women achieve brilliant white smiles that are always ready for the red carpet or a close-up? Do they avoid coffee? Not likely. Every tabloid is full of pictures of famous men and women holding Starbucks

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Dental Problem? There Is Always A Solution!

There is no doubt that a healthy, pleasing smile positively influences one’s life. It lets us convey confidence and friendliness in business and social settings. A beautiful, healthy smile also influences our personal relationships. When we smile, we appear (and

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Smile Necessities And Possibilities

Hello! We are Alaska Premier Dental Group located at 6611 DeBarr Rd, Ste 100 and 200 in Anchorage. The truth is, practicing dentistry has been a rewarding decision for each of our dental professionals. Between restorative and cosmetic dentistry, we

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You Can’t Afford Cheap Dental Work

Have you ever gotten a deal on a used car that turned out to be a lemon? After a couple years of never-ending repairs, you realized that it ended up costing as much as a new automobile would have. And

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For A Healthier Smile, Stop Doing This

Chewing sugared gum all day. Cavities, a sore jaw, or broken bridgework may result. If you must chew, select gum with Xylitol. Drinking soda and energy drinks. These sugary, acidic beverages are uncommonly efficient at damaging enamel. Chewing ice or

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Relax. It’s Not The End Of The World.

Today’s Alaska Premier Dental Group post addresses one of the most feared dental procedures: the infamous root canal. If you are told that you need a root canal, don’t panic. Your dentist recommends this procedure when it is better for

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