Ancient Dentistry

Going to the dentist might seem scary, but dentistry has come a long way since ancient times. While ancient methods seem crude, they were actually quite advanced for the times. Here are few examples of ancient dentistry:

  • A 2100-year-old mummy in Egypt was found with linen inserted into a large cavity. The cloth was likely dipped in fig juice or cedar oil.
  • A 6500-year-old tooth found in Slovenia was stuffed with beeswax, likely for pain and to keep particles out.
  • Mayans were possibly the first to practice cosmetic dentistry, with small holes drilled into front teeth and then adorned with jewels.
  • Teeth uncovered in a Pakistani graveyard show evidence of drilling – 9000 years ago. The drill tips were likely made from flint and made exceptionally good holes. We’re guessing they didn’t have access to Novocain, though….

Doesn’t going to the dentist sound so relaxing now?