67-Percent of American Adults In Anchorage Have Tried Teeth Whitening

A recent survey by Mintel/Greenfield Online showed that 67-percent of American adults have tried to whiten their teeth in one way or another. Whether they’ve been professionally whitened by their dentist, or used toothpastes and strips, people across the board see the value in having a white smile. But with all of these people whitening, are they following sound procedures and whitening safely? Below are a few tips on how you can whiten safely so your smile is not only brilliant, but also healthy.

  1. Get a dental check-up. Let your dentist know if you experience sensitivity when you whiten your teeth. Dr. Baggette and team are happy to help you prevent potential problems.
  2. Follow whitening directions. They’re not just guidelines… They’re given to help you achieve healthy teeth while avoiding damage.
  3. Do not use whitening products longer than directed. This can result in tooth sensitivity and gum discomfort.
  4. Aim for a natural white. If you whiten too much, your teeth may become translucent or even start to have a bluish tint. If you try to match the whites in your eyes, your smile will look most radiant.
  5. Consider changing your habits such as smoking or drinking tea, cola, or coffee. By limiting the use of these products, discoloration will not be as prevalent.

Most people agree that the very best way to whiten teeth is with a competent dental practice such as Alaska Premier Dental Group.Whether you live in Anchorage or surrounding areas, contact us today at 907-337-0404.

– The Alaska Premier Dental Group Team