3 Ways Teeth Whitening Can Improve Lives in Anchorage

Think about the last time someone took a photo of you. Did you show your full smile? Or, did you keep your lips closed? Did you smile the last time you met someone new? If not, would you like to change that? Teeth whitening may be the answer, and our team here at Alaska Premier Dental Group can help. Patients and friends often talk to us about how teeth whitening has changed their lives!

First, people who have had their teeth whitened talk about how much better they feel about themselves. It was amazing what a brightened smile did for one of our patients from Anchorage. After having her teeth whitened, she smiles more, she’s more confident, and she feels far more comfortable in all social situations.

Second, overall appearance is dramatically improved. Your mouth and eyes are the main focal points of your face, and teeth whitening not only improves your smile, but also enhances other facial features as well.

Third, a patient from Anchorage told us about good things that have happened in his business since his teeth whitening. When he meets new clients, the experiences are more positive and engaging because of his confidence. A bright, attractive smile inspires trust.

Make an appointment today with Dr. Baggette and see what professional whitening program can do for you!

Keep smiling!

-Dr. Joe Baggette and The Alaska Premier Dental Group Team